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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Part 219 -Suzuki Smash V115 Specification... (",)

Jenis Enjin 4 lejang, penyejukan udara, SOHC
Gerek X Lejang 51.0 mm X 55.2 mm
Anjakan Omboh 113 cm³
Nisbah Mampatan 9.5 : 1
Karburetor MIKUNI VM18
Sistem Penghidup Tendang - Smash V115
Elektrik & tendang - Smash V115 SD/SCD
Sistem Pelinciran Takungan pelincir basah
Klac Otomatik, jenis "wet-shoe"
Sistem Pemacuan RK-M 428, 102 mata rantai
Suspensi Depan Teleskopik, spring lingkaran, perendam minyak
Suspensi Belakang Lengan ayun, spring lingakaran, perendam minyak
Brek Depan Brek Dram - Smash V115
Brek Cakera - Smash V115 SD/SCD
Brek Belakang Brek Dram
Saiz Tayar Depan 70/90 - 17 M/C 38P
Saiz Tayar Belakang 80/90 - 17 M/C 44P
Jenis Penyalaan Digital DC-CDI
Palam Pencucuh DENSO: U20FS-U, NGK: C6HSA
Bateri 12V 10.8KC(3 AH) / 10HR - Smash V115
12V 18.0KC(5 AH) / 10HR - Smash V115 SD/SCD
Tangki Petrol 4.3 L
Minyak Enjin Tanpa penukaran penapis - 800 ml
Dengan penukaran penapis - 1.000 ml
Panjang Keseluruhan 1,930 mm
Lebar Keseluruhan 655 mm
Tinggi Keseluruhan 1,040 mm
Tapak Roda 1,230 mm
Berat Unit 98 kg - Smash V115
103 kg - Smash V115 SD/SCD

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Part 218 - World Amazing Roads n Streets... (",)

Crookedest Street in the world

San Francisco, United States is perhaps an unsurprising place to find the so-called world’s most crooked road on a downhil angle. Lombard Street is best known for the one way section on Russian Hill between Hyde and Leavenworth Streets, in which the roadway has eight sharp turns. Crazy races (see video above) down the road are not unheard of.

Scariest Intersection in the WorldMost Confusing Intersection in the World
Swindon, England is the perhaps unfortunate location of the world’s most confusing intersection. To be fair, once understood this intersection is amazingly functional and actually designed to reduce overall congestion. However, it is certainly an urban wonder and highly perplexing to the uninitiated.

Steepest Street in the World

Dunedin, New Zealand features the steepest street in the world. As with many other parts of Dunedin, and indeed New Zealand, streets were laid out in a grid pattern with no consideration for the terrain, usually by planners in London. In this case the result was a dizzying incline.

Widest Street in the World
Buenos Aires, Argentina, features the widest avenue in the world. At over 300 feet wide, 9 de Julio Avenue occupies a gap of an entire block in the city grid, hence its incredible width. Crossing the avenue at street level often requires a few minutes, as all intersections have traffic lights. Under normal walking speed, it takes pedestrians normally two to three green lights to cross its twelve lanes of traffic.

Narrowest Street in the World

Exeter, England is home to the narrowest street in the world. Parliament Street is a 50m long street in Exeter, England, which links the High Street to Waterbeer Lane and dates from the 14th century. It was formerly called Small Lane and was renamed when Parliament was derided by the city council for passing the 1832 Reform Bill. The street is approximately 45″ at its widest and less than 25″ at its narrowest.

Oldest Paved Street in the World

Giza, Egypt has the oldest paved road in the world. Built over 4,600 years ago, this route connects an ancient basalt quarry to a lake adjoining the Nile. The basalt being transported was used in the construction of the great pyramids of Giza. Ancient Egyptians may have anticipated the pyramids lasting forever, but they might be surprised that this road still exists.

Longest Street in the World

Toronto, Canada can claim just one part of Yonge Street, the longest street in the world. Canadians were concerned with having military access routes in case of conflict with the United States. Construction was begun in the late 1700′s and performed, in part, by local farmers and convicted drunks. Today, the street is a hub of activity in Toronto.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Part 217 - Unique Paddy Field At JApan ... (",)

One of the best things about living in Japan was the paddies fields. Japan doesn’t seem to go in for zoning laws, so one gets to see these tranquil oases - with rows of little green stalks sitting in peaceful blue floods, interrupted by occasional muddy footprints - dotted around the place, even in the center of large towns. Almost wherever you go in Japan you will be able to see the forest-covered mountains, great and small, near and far. Despite all this green, Japan doesn’t go in for the vast grassy parks and tree-lined streets common in Europe. Thus many Westerners comment on Japan’s lack of green, but there is green to be seen all around.

As the year goes around, you can watch the rice get planted and harvested; watch the rice slowly growing and smell the amazing perfume as vast fields of it ripen at once; watch the flooding, typhoons flattening fields and fields dried up again; watch the egrets, storks and less exotic birds flocking, following the tractors and feeding; watch the old couples quietly farming their fields in their ‘coolie’ gear; watch as the drying racks are assembled and the rice is hung. If you live in Japan for long enough, you start to tell the seasons by the rice.

Here are sample of unique paddy field at Japan, he3...

Smaller works of crop art can be seen in other rice-farming areas of Japan such as this image of Doraemon and deer dancers

Napolean on horseback can be seen from the skies, created by precision planting and months of planning between villagers and farmers in Inkadate

The different varieties of rice plant grow alongside each other to create the masterpieces

Fictional warrior Naoe Kanetsugu and his wife Osen appear in fields in the town of Yonezawa, Japan

Closer to the image, the careful placement of thousands of rice plants in the paddy fields can be seen

A Sengoku warrior on horseback has been created from hundreds of thousands of rice plants, the colours created by using different varieties, in Inakadate in Japan


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